“Rehovot West 431” – “Avisror” Luxurious Residential is Here!

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This week I have joined a professional tour of the prestigious residential towers project in west Rehovot, Israel, from “Avisror Moshe and Sons” construction company.
“West Rehovot 431” – is the name of the project, and it includes 12 luxury 20-storeys-high towers with 960 housing units, including 4-5 room apartments, 6-7 room duplexes and luxurious penthouses with very high building standards. These days, the company’s management has announced the beginning of the marketing phaze of the 8th building – out of the 12 buildings overall.

The complex, that has been designed by the architect Israel Rozio, is formed out of two clusters of residential towers, each one with six buildings, overlooking an open public area of ​​12 dunams with a large and spacious park for the benefit of the residents and the surrounding area.

This luxury project includes apartments of various sizes with rich specifications and high building standards (apartments types attached below), a spacious two-storeys-high lobby, a bicycles and carts room, a tenants room and an underground car parking. The compound is full of green lawns and paths and is located in the western part of Rehovot, in a countrified atmosphere. The towers complex is adjacent to the leading educational and cultural institutions of the city and is situated in a convenient accessibility to the 4th and 431th highway roads.

A little bit about the company..

“Avisror Moshe & Sons” is an entrepreneurial construction company, and one of the oldest and most stable construction companies in Israel, operating both in the residential and commercial sectors. The privately owned company was established in 1978 by Moshe Avisror, who is currently the President and the CEO of the company with his sons operating in managing positions. As a housing company, it is classified in an unrestricted classification (rating C), in addition to being a registered contractor for the execution of government works, infrastructure and development projects.

The company is constantly growing and deployed nationwide with dozens of projects in Beer Sheva, Rehovot, Petach Tikvah, Bat Yam, Modi’in, Rosh Ha’ayin, Yavne and Ashkelon regions. Soon it will expand its activities to other cities in the central region. In addition to its extensive activity throughout the country, the company offers projects of “price for occupant” in Gedera, Rishon LeZion and Beer Sheva.

Let’s explore the model apartment which is the magnificent penthouse with the open view overlooking the green surroundings:

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

The design style chosen in the model apartment is modern – eclectic, connecting the various materials and elements with warm and pleasant color schemes. The furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories provide the apartment’s total design with a variety of patterns, warm strokes of colors and delicate texturing.

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

The large and open central space enables the creation of luxurious hosting areas, which are an excellent base for any design style chosen by future tenants.

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

In the hosting areas as well as in the bedrooms, the landscape “enters” the apartment, and is an active designing element in each space.

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

And what population will we meet in the project?

The high-quality project attracts a high socio-economic population, including high-tech-working in the “Science Park” individuals  and professionals from Rehovot and its surroundings, who are drawn to the high standard of construction, the company’s seniority, stability and luxurious apartments at fair prices. This project is the proof that an evacuation-construction initiative has transformed this area and has made it progress and flourish, in response to the growing demand for quality housing in the strategic location.

The professional tour throughout this project was indeed very interesting, and one can definitely see that Rehovot is “on the map” .. big time!


For those of you who want to browse the apartments plans currently being marketed, hereby attached, are various apartment types: from 4 to 7 bedrooms, including single-level, duplex apartments and luxurious penthouses:


Single-Level 4 Bedrooms Apartment 

Single-Level 5 Bedrooms Apartment

Twin-Level 7 Bedrooms Apartment (Duplex) 

5 Bedrooms Penthouse Apartment

6 Bedrooms Penthouse Apartment

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