“Paldinox” Showroom – The Magical Kingdom of Home Decor ๐ŸŒธ

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The launch of the new “Paldinox” – the largest importer of home decorย accessories in Israel, showroom, couple of days ago – was an experience of pure aesthetic pleasure, arousing senses of sight, touch, imagination and a desire for a spectacular design!

And not just for me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

“Paldinox”, which is the official Israeli importer of the famous international brands, such as – “Pip Studio”, “Novell Collection”, “Bohemia Crystal”, “Cooka” and “Cucina Mia”, has recently moved its offices to the new property that has been built at Airport City at an investment of 40 million NIS (!!), and has launched a spectacular new home decor showroom, featuring the new collections and trends for 2018!

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Founded in 1973 as an import company by the Danon family, “Paldinox” is managed by Adi and Moni Danon brothers, and today is considered to be the largest Israeli company for importing – decorative accessories for home, gifts, cooking kitchenware, Judaica items and complementary furniture. The company yearly sells about 5,000 products to 500 home decor stores throughout the country, and the new building, which has been built to the highest standards, dominates 5,000 square meters and is divided into three levels, including one of the largest home decor showrooms in Israel and a sophisticated packaging and distribution area.

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Novell collection

“Novell Collection” is the “home” brand of “Paldinox”, which includes a variety of uniquely designed housewares and serving pieces of the highest possible quality. The brand provides a solution of uncompromising quality and at affordable prices for design and luxury lovers. One of the areas in which the brand stands out is Judaica items and uniquely designed exclusive developments. The “Novell collection” designs include complementary furniture, lighting fixtures, decor items, plants, candles, lamps, food systems, textiles and more.

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

And what are the new trends offered by the brand for 2018?

One of the decor styles that will be more and more popular next year is the use of golden accessories. The golden trend has been with us for some time now, but the innovationย this year is that it will be “upgraded” through the ethnic connotation by the use of blackened gold with decorative ornaments.

Another line of products that will be highlighted in 2018 is rustic wood furniture – tables, comodes, consoles and more. Today there is a desire to bring home a sense of warmth, even to those that are designed in a modern style, and therefore the choice of authentic wooden furniture is more and more popular.

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Some recommended “Novell Collection” items:

(Photo:ย  Adi Kraus)

PIP Studio

“Pip Studio” is a Dutch design house, considered to be one of the world’s leading and famous. “Paldinox” exclusively imports and sells “Pip Studio” servingware in Israel. The brand’s products are not influenced by fashionable trends or commercial considerations, and include beautiful collections with unusual designs.

The brand’s motto is: “Happy designs for happy people”.

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

And what are the new trends offered by the brand for 2018?

During the current year (2017), Pip Studio has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the brand with the limited edition collection, which include colorfully illustrated sets of dishes.

In 2018, the Dutch designer for the brand, expands the “Royal White” series and sets out on an exceptional line of products, which is the transparent serving dishes with gentle “strokes” of gold which are more subtle and classic.

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Some recommended “Pip Studio” items:

(Photo:ย  Adi Kraus)

Cucina Mia

A brand of cookware and a high quality kitchenware that supports a healthy lifestyle and a quality cooking experience in the kitchen.

The brand has two main series for pots and pans: the first series is coated with titanium of Ti 22 CAPSULATED TEC technology and the second one is coated with 4 layers marble technology.

And what are the new trends offered by the brand for 2018?

As the part of the brand’s concept of creating healthy and enjoyable cooking experience in the kitchen, “Cucina Mia” expands its product line beyond cookware, introducing the complementary products to the cooking experience, such as – grinders, kitchen storages, drying facilities and more.

Some recommended “Cucina Mia” items:

(Photo:ย  Adi Kraus)


“Cooka” is a new and young brand from “Paldinox” that offers a variety of gadgets, high quality kitchenware – innovatively designed and available at competitive prices. The brand offers a variety of kitchenware, including – serving spoons, boxes, peelers, coasters and more.

The brand has chain boothesย in leading malls throughout the country, and next year, about 10 additional branches are about to be opened.

Some recommended “Cooka” items:

(Photo:ย  Adi Kraus)

In conclusion..

The new “Paldinox” showroom is full of pleasant surprises.. It has a wide range of quality items in a large variety of design styles – from wonderful furnishings to stylish complementory accessories that are suitable for every taste, any home and pocket.

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

A spectacular complementary decor has nowadays become an integral and important part of the overall design process as part of the home-styling phase of apartments and houses. In every “designed” project today, one canย observe a significant role it has in the complete and finalized appearance of our living and working environments.

My professional visit to the festive launch of the spectacular “Paldinox” showroom has been indeed interesting and fruitful – it has given me a plenty of new design ideas and I am definitely going to implement some of them in the decoration of my own home, as well as in the projects for my clients!

And what about you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..?!

(Photo:ย  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

All brands can be obtained from selected home decor stores throughout the country

For the list of stores, please visit the website of “Paldinox”:ย  ย www.paldinox.co.il

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