“Jonah Events” – The HOT New Venue with a Breathtaking View!

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 A few days ago, I had the honor of being present at the exclusive and luxurious launch of “Jonah Events” – the brand new hot venue for unforgettable quality events with a breathtaking seaview!!

The spectacular new event complex at the “West Lagoon Resort” on the beach in Netanya, with an investment of 41 million NIS (!!), covers an area of ​​3,500 square meters and is spread over two separate areas: “Jonah” and “Jonah Club”, occupying two of the hotel levels.

The two compounds offer a different and varied experience:

“Jonah Club” – is a compound on the 15th hotel level, with the capacity of up to 300 guests. It has been designed in the style of Miami Beach houses: large spaces surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that provide full panoramic views, with a spectacular semi-covered large terrace with a breathtaking seaview.

The marriage ceremony is designed to take place on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

“Jonah” – a complex with the capacity of up to 520 guests, with flexible seating arrangements for the choice of the audience, built in Colonialist design with the use of concrete, steel, wood and vegetation. A combination of round and rectangular wooden tables, standard height tables and a half-bar height, alternative furniture, such as – sofas, coffee corners and bar tables that can be integrated in the reception or in the dance floor areas, provide the magnificent complex with a design flexibility, dynamism and a high level of versatility, so that it can accommodate any desires and needs of its customers.

And who is behind this exclusive business initiative?

“Ta’am VeTseva” company and “Aries” catering, owned by Motti Ben Aharon and Amit Kaufman, are the people behind the beautiful “Jona Events” project, which offers a new and creative concept to the celebrators, with a total investment of 41 million NIS. Since the establishment of “Ta’am VeTseva” in 1996 and up until now, it has been diligent to innovate and bring the next “hot” thing to the events industry, hence, the innovated concept of “Jonah Events”.

And what new and unforgettable concept awaits us at “Jonah Events”?

After many years of no changes whatsoever in the “events” realm, for the first time, during the planning stage of the new hotel, two special floors have been allocated for the events, and planning connections have been created from their spectacular hosting & celebration areas – to the landscape, the various facilities of the hotel and the separate entrances. As a result, the world of “Premium Events” has been “integrated” into a new and luxurious hotel that is actually a beach resort, and the combination of both offers an events and hospitality innovation: the marrying couple can benefit from the “Rolling Event” experience that – begins in the events complex with the wedding ceremony celebrations, the late beach “After Party” to follow, continues with the family and friends’ staying the night at the hotel, and finishes with the festive breakfast and Turkish Bath the next morning.

And what’s on the menu?

“Ta’am VeTseva” gave the team of “Jonah”‘s chefs unlimited creative freedom and an instruction to think “outside the box” in order to create a new, colorful and sensual culinary language that will make every event special and “one of a kind”. The state-of-the-art frontal kitchen will naturally connect with the luxuriously designed seaview environment, and will serve personal dishes with a unique interpretation of the latest culinary trends and flavors from around the world.

In conclusion…

The whole festive opening launch experience of “Jona Events” was extraordinarily luxurious, enriched with a spectacular design and a fine dining, and everything was planned and very well thought out – up to the last detail! It was truly an amazing and unforgettable evening!

… and the view…. OMG the View…!!

As promised, it “took” my breath away, for a short moment … I suddenly started having a strong desire to have my own wedding ceremony… Once again ;-)!!

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