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“Instablock” – The Perfect Present by Moshik Galamin!

The launch of the new flagshop of “Instablock” by the famous home-styling designer Moshik Galamin, was a cool and fashionable event, full of great ideas offering unique and personalized items for home and business design!

We are all familiar with Moshik Galamin as the host of the successful “Coming to Design for You” TV program, which is the Israeli equivalent of the successful American program named “Extreme Makeover,” where he and his team of experts come to apartments of Israeli families renovating and decorating their apartments and furniture with some original design ideas.

What is “Instablock”?

“Instablock” is a business initiative launched by Moshik Galamin with his sister Michal, which, in addition to the new flagshop near Dizengoff Center Tel-Aviv, now has 9 branches in the form of designed middle stands located in leading shopping malls throughout Israel, all of which offer personalized and uniquely designed wooden items out of an ecological perception of using existing and redesigned materials.

“Instablock” Flagshop

Instablock” Flagshop

What is so special about the design idea of “Instablock”?

In the digital era where social networks have replaced traditional photo albums, the connection between the virtual world and the real world has become increasingly significant and sentimental, and this what this design project is based on. The “Instablock” products were created due to Moshik’s passion for design and aesthetics, and the idea is based on the possibility of printing personal photos on wooden blocks and other special materials. The pictures are printed by printers using a unique technique and the printed blocks are being ready in just a few short minutes!

And what do we get?

The resulting product is a personal and uniquely designed item, which can be given as a gift to any home or special event. The blocks can be integrated into the design of the whole house – as individual pictures scattered around the house or the office, or as aesthetically designed wall coverings.

The designed items add unique personal touches to all the spaces of the house or the office, providing exciting reminders of the happy moments and magical places that are always fun to remember.

And where can we get “Instablock”?

The “Instablock” products are sold through the chain’s branches – at the designed middle stands in the selected malls, at the new flagshop near Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv, and via website for the wide local and international clientele:

In conclusion..

The “Instablock” pictures designed in a variety of forms are the perfect gift for those we love! Also they can be used in the design of our houses adding personal content to any space and “spreading” pleasant wooden warmth that suits any design style.

Highly recommended to try it at home 😉 !!

“Paldinox” Showroom – The Magical Kingdom of Home Decor 🌸

The launch of the new “Paldinox” – the largest importer of home decor accessories in Israel, showroom, couple of days ago – was an experience of pure aesthetic pleasure, arousing senses of sight, touch, imagination and a desire for a spectacular design!

And not just for me.. 🙂

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

“Paldinox”, which is the official Israeli importer of the famous international brands, such as – “Pip Studio”, “Novell Collection”, “Bohemia Crystal”, “Cooka” and “Cucina Mia”, has recently moved its offices to the new property that has been built at Airport City at an investment of 40 million NIS (!!), and has launched a spectacular new home decor showroom, featuring the new collections and trends for 2018!

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Founded in 1973 as an import company by the Danon family, “Paldinox” is managed by Adi and Moni Danon brothers, and today is considered to be the largest Israeli company for importing – decorative accessories for home, gifts, cooking kitchenware, Judaica items and complementary furniture. The company yearly sells about 5,000 products to 500 home decor stores throughout the country, and the new building, which has been built to the highest standards, dominates 5,000 square meters and is divided into three levels, including one of the largest home decor showrooms in Israel and a sophisticated packaging and distribution area.

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Novell collection

“Novell Collection” is the “home” brand of “Paldinox”, which includes a variety of uniquely designed housewares and serving pieces of the highest possible quality. The brand provides a solution of uncompromising quality and at affordable prices for design and luxury lovers. One of the areas in which the brand stands out is Judaica items and uniquely designed exclusive developments. The “Novell collection” designs include complementary furniture, lighting fixtures, decor items, plants, candles, lamps, food systems, textiles and more.

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

And what are the new trends offered by the brand for 2018?

One of the decor styles that will be more and more popular next year is the use of golden accessories. The golden trend has been with us for some time now, but the innovation this year is that it will be “upgraded” through the ethnic connotation by the use of blackened gold with decorative ornaments.

Another line of products that will be highlighted in 2018 is rustic wood furniture – tables, comodes, consoles and more. Today there is a desire to bring home a sense of warmth, even to those that are designed in a modern style, and therefore the choice of authentic wooden furniture is more and more popular.

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Some recommended “Novell Collection” items:

(Photo:  Adi Kraus)

PIP Studio

“Pip Studio” is a Dutch design house, considered to be one of the world’s leading and famous. “Paldinox” exclusively imports and sells “Pip Studio” servingware in Israel. The brand’s products are not influenced by fashionable trends or commercial considerations, and include beautiful collections with unusual designs.

The brand’s motto is: “Happy designs for happy people”.

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

And what are the new trends offered by the brand for 2018?

During the current year (2017), Pip Studio has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the brand with the limited edition collection, which include colorfully illustrated sets of dishes.

In 2018, the Dutch designer for the brand, expands the “Royal White” series and sets out on an exceptional line of products, which is the transparent serving dishes with gentle “strokes” of gold which are more subtle and classic.

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

Some recommended “Pip Studio” items:

(Photo:  Adi Kraus)

Cucina Mia

A brand of cookware and a high quality kitchenware that supports a healthy lifestyle and a quality cooking experience in the kitchen.

The brand has two main series for pots and pans: the first series is coated with titanium of Ti 22 CAPSULATED TEC technology and the second one is coated with 4 layers marble technology.

And what are the new trends offered by the brand for 2018?

As the part of the brand’s concept of creating healthy and enjoyable cooking experience in the kitchen, “Cucina Mia” expands its product line beyond cookware, introducing the complementary products to the cooking experience, such as – grinders, kitchen storages, drying facilities and more.

Some recommended “Cucina Mia” items:

(Photo:  Adi Kraus)


“Cooka” is a new and young brand from “Paldinox” that offers a variety of gadgets, high quality kitchenware – innovatively designed and available at competitive prices. The brand offers a variety of kitchenware, including – serving spoons, boxes, peelers, coasters and more.

The brand has chain boothes in leading malls throughout the country, and next year, about 10 additional branches are about to be opened.

Some recommended “Cooka” items:

(Photo:  Adi Kraus)

In conclusion..

The new “Paldinox” showroom is full of pleasant surprises.. It has a wide range of quality items in a large variety of design styles – from wonderful furnishings to stylish complementory accessories that are suitable for every taste, any home and pocket.

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

A spectacular complementary decor has nowadays become an integral and important part of the overall design process as part of the home-styling phase of apartments and houses. In every “designed” project today, one can observe a significant role it has in the complete and finalized appearance of our living and working environments.

My professional visit to the festive launch of the spectacular “Paldinox” showroom has been indeed interesting and fruitful – it has given me a plenty of new design ideas and I am definitely going to implement some of them in the decoration of my own home, as well as in the projects for my clients!

And what about you guys 😉 ..?!

(Photo:  Arch. Yuliana Riskoff)

All brands can be obtained from selected home decor stores throughout the country

For the list of stores, please visit the website of “Paldinox”:

“Jonah Events” – The HOT New Venue with a Breathtaking View!

 A few days ago, I had the honor of being present at the exclusive and luxurious launch of “Jonah Events” – the brand new hot venue for unforgettable quality events with a breathtaking seaview!!

The spectacular new event complex at the “West Lagoon Resort” on the beach in Netanya, with an investment of 41 million NIS (!!), covers an area of ​​3,500 square meters and is spread over two separate areas: “Jonah” and “Jonah Club”, occupying two of the hotel levels.

The two compounds offer a different and varied experience:

“Jonah Club” – is a compound on the 15th hotel level, with the capacity of up to 300 guests. It has been designed in the style of Miami Beach houses: large spaces surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that provide full panoramic views, with a spectacular semi-covered large terrace with a breathtaking seaview.

The marriage ceremony is designed to take place on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

“Jonah” – a complex with the capacity of up to 520 guests, with flexible seating arrangements for the choice of the audience, built in Colonialist design with the use of concrete, steel, wood and vegetation. A combination of round and rectangular wooden tables, standard height tables and a half-bar height, alternative furniture, such as – sofas, coffee corners and bar tables that can be integrated in the reception or in the dance floor areas, provide the magnificent complex with a design flexibility, dynamism and a high level of versatility, so that it can accommodate any desires and needs of its customers.

And who is behind this exclusive business initiative?

“Ta’am VeTseva” company and “Aries” catering, owned by Motti Ben Aharon and Amit Kaufman, are the people behind the beautiful “Jona Events” project, which offers a new and creative concept to the celebrators, with a total investment of 41 million NIS. Since the establishment of “Ta’am VeTseva” in 1996 and up until now, it has been diligent to innovate and bring the next “hot” thing to the events industry, hence, the innovated concept of “Jonah Events”.

And what new and unforgettable concept awaits us at “Jonah Events”?

After many years of no changes whatsoever in the “events” realm, for the first time, during the planning stage of the new hotel, two special floors have been allocated for the events, and planning connections have been created from their spectacular hosting & celebration areas – to the landscape, the various facilities of the hotel and the separate entrances. As a result, the world of “Premium Events” has been “integrated” into a new and luxurious hotel that is actually a beach resort, and the combination of both offers an events and hospitality innovation: the marrying couple can benefit from the “Rolling Event” experience that – begins in the events complex with the wedding ceremony celebrations, the late beach “After Party” to follow, continues with the family and friends’ staying the night at the hotel, and finishes with the festive breakfast and Turkish Bath the next morning.

And what’s on the menu?

“Ta’am VeTseva” gave the team of “Jonah”‘s chefs unlimited creative freedom and an instruction to think “outside the box” in order to create a new, colorful and sensual culinary language that will make every event special and “one of a kind”. The state-of-the-art frontal kitchen will naturally connect with the luxuriously designed seaview environment, and will serve personal dishes with a unique interpretation of the latest culinary trends and flavors from around the world.

In conclusion…

The whole festive opening launch experience of “Jona Events” was extraordinarily luxurious, enriched with a spectacular design and a fine dining, and everything was planned and very well thought out – up to the last detail! It was truly an amazing and unforgettable evening!

… and the view…. OMG the View…!!

As promised, it “took” my breath away, for a short moment … I suddenly started having a strong desire to have my own wedding ceremony… Once again ;-)!!

“Rehovot West 431” – “Avisror” Luxurious Residential is Here!

This week I have joined a professional tour of the prestigious residential towers project in west Rehovot, Israel, from “Avisror Moshe and Sons” construction company.
“West Rehovot 431” – is the name of the project, and it includes 12 luxury 20-storeys-high towers with 960 housing units, including 4-5 room apartments, 6-7 room duplexes and luxurious penthouses with very high building standards. These days, the company’s management has announced the beginning of the marketing phaze of the 8th building – out of the 12 buildings overall.

The complex, that has been designed by the architect Israel Rozio, is formed out of two clusters of residential towers, each one with six buildings, overlooking an open public area of ​​12 dunams with a large and spacious park for the benefit of the residents and the surrounding area.

This luxury project includes apartments of various sizes with rich specifications and high building standards (apartments types attached below), a spacious two-storeys-high lobby, a bicycles and carts room, a tenants room and an underground car parking. The compound is full of green lawns and paths and is located in the western part of Rehovot, in a countrified atmosphere. The towers complex is adjacent to the leading educational and cultural institutions of the city and is situated in a convenient accessibility to the 4th and 431th highway roads.

A little bit about the company..

“Avisror Moshe & Sons” is an entrepreneurial construction company, and one of the oldest and most stable construction companies in Israel, operating both in the residential and commercial sectors. The privately owned company was established in 1978 by Moshe Avisror, who is currently the President and the CEO of the company with his sons operating in managing positions. As a housing company, it is classified in an unrestricted classification (rating C), in addition to being a registered contractor for the execution of government works, infrastructure and development projects.

The company is constantly growing and deployed nationwide with dozens of projects in Beer Sheva, Rehovot, Petach Tikvah, Bat Yam, Modi’in, Rosh Ha’ayin, Yavne and Ashkelon regions. Soon it will expand its activities to other cities in the central region. In addition to its extensive activity throughout the country, the company offers projects of “price for occupant” in Gedera, Rishon LeZion and Beer Sheva.

Let’s explore the model apartment which is the magnificent penthouse with the open view overlooking the green surroundings:

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

The design style chosen in the model apartment is modern – eclectic, connecting the various materials and elements with warm and pleasant color schemes. The furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories provide the apartment’s total design with a variety of patterns, warm strokes of colors and delicate texturing.

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

The large and open central space enables the creation of luxurious hosting areas, which are an excellent base for any design style chosen by future tenants.

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

In the hosting areas as well as in the bedrooms, the landscape “enters” the apartment, and is an active designing element in each space.

(Photo by Ershel Gruzmarg / Sold exclusively by “Netef” RealEstate)

And what population will we meet in the project?

The high-quality project attracts a high socio-economic population, including high-tech-working in the “Science Park” individuals  and professionals from Rehovot and its surroundings, who are drawn to the high standard of construction, the company’s seniority, stability and luxurious apartments at fair prices. This project is the proof that an evacuation-construction initiative has transformed this area and has made it progress and flourish, in response to the growing demand for quality housing in the strategic location.

The professional tour throughout this project was indeed very interesting, and one can definitely see that Rehovot is “on the map” .. big time!


For those of you who want to browse the apartments plans currently being marketed, hereby attached, are various apartment types: from 4 to 7 bedrooms, including single-level, duplex apartments and luxurious penthouses:


Single-Level 4 Bedrooms Apartment 

Single-Level 5 Bedrooms Apartment

Twin-Level 7 Bedrooms Apartment (Duplex) 

5 Bedrooms Penthouse Apartment

6 Bedrooms Penthouse Apartment