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“Instablock” – The Perfect Present by Moshik Galamin!

The launch of the new flagshop of “Instablock” by the famous home-styling designer Moshik Galamin, was a cool and fashionable event, full of great ideas offering unique and personalized items for home and business design!

We are all familiar with Moshik Galamin as the host of the successful “Coming to Design for You” TV program, which is the Israeli equivalent of the successful American program named “Extreme Makeover,” where he and his team of experts come to apartments of Israeli families renovating and decorating their apartments and furniture with some original design ideas.

What is “Instablock”?

“Instablock” is a business initiative launched by Moshik Galamin with his sister Michal, which, in addition to the new flagshop near Dizengoff Center Tel-Aviv, now has 9 branches in the form of designed middle stands located in leading shopping malls throughout Israel, all of which offer personalized and uniquely designed wooden items out of an ecological perception of using existing and redesigned materials.

“Instablock” Flagshop

Instablock” Flagshop

What is so special about the design idea of “Instablock”?

In the digital era where social networks have replaced traditional photo albums, the connection between the virtual world and the real world has become increasingly significant and sentimental, and this what this design project is based on. The “Instablock” products were created due to Moshik’s passion for design and aesthetics, and the idea is based on the possibility of printing personal photos on wooden blocks and other special materials. The pictures are printed by printers using a unique technique and the printed blocks are being ready in just a few short minutes!

And what do we get?

The resulting product is a personal and uniquely designed item, which can be given as a gift to any home or special event. The blocks can be integrated into the design of the whole house – as individual pictures scattered around the house or the office, or as aesthetically designed wall coverings.

The designed items add unique personal touches to all the spaces of the house or the office, providing exciting reminders of the happy moments and magical places that are always fun to remember.

And where can we get “Instablock”?

The “Instablock” products are sold through the chain’s branches – at the designed middle stands in the selected malls, at the new flagshop near Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv, and via website for the wide local and international clientele:

In conclusion..

The “Instablock” pictures designed in a variety of forms are the perfect gift for those we love! Also they can be used in the design of our houses adding personal content to any space and “spreading” pleasant wooden warmth that suits any design style.

Highly recommended to try it at home 😉 !!